Nazeya Duke

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Nazeya has worked in local Government for over twenty years, most recently as an Executive Director of Place in London. She specialises in urban regeneration including spatial planning, economic development, regeneration, and the built environment. Her work has included leading major regeneration schemes in the most deprived areas of London and other urban areas as well as working across the wider public sector in delivering joined up services. Her focus continues to be on how we design and sustain new places that improve life chances for those who are marginalised. She has a passion for enhancing community engagement and the needs to shift to more integrated forms of co-design and collaboration with communities.

She also sat on a Health Trust as a Board Director seeking to better integrate community and acute services and the role of health and well-being in policy formulation. She contributes regularly to conferences and seminars on public sector leadership and organisational culture.

She currently leads the Equality Diversity and Inclusion workstream on behalf of the Solace Board. She is challenging the sector to develop new approaches to attract and retain a more diverse pool of talent that equips us both to meet the challenges of the future and ensures we better reflect the communities we serve.