NEW DATE 4-5 May 2022 | Conference | Wellington

2050: Embracing the Challenge – Creating the Future

What does the future look like? What are the opportunities and challenges ahead?

How can we focus, prepare, think differently and respond to these opportunities and challenges? With demographic changes, fiscal pressures, a disrupted climate, and a pandemic to add to the mix, and we face a time of immense pressure and rapid change.

“Local government’s contribution to intergenerational community well-being is essential because, above certain basic needs, different communities will need different outcomes to maximise their well-being and ensuring communities themselves are driving the mix and nature of services that contribute to those outcomes is critical for community resilience and social inclusion.”
Cabinet Social Well-being Committee decision, August 2019

The Conference will conclude on Thursday 5 May 2022 with a celebration of excellence in the local government sector with the Civic Financial Services Gala Dinner and the LGFA Taituarā Excellence Awards.

On Friday 6 May we will hold the PwC Chief Executive Forum, and the EA/PA Forum. You can register for these Forums on this site.

Join us in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington in May to learn, network and be inspired to create our future.

Thank you to our Kauri & Tōtara Sponsors

The Taituarā Conference would not be possible without the support of key partners. We wish to acknowledge these, and all sponsors, who are maximising this opportunity to connect with the local government sector, showcase their organisation, product or service and who wish to strengthen their business relationships. Their support will contribute to the success of this event and enable Taituarā to deliver value for our members and the sector.

Haere mai ki Taituarā

Following our name change from SOLGM to Taituarā — Local Government Professionals Aotearoa in early 2021, we have also taken the opportunity to refresh the way we deliver our annual networking event – the Taituarā Conference (known previously as the SOLGM Annual Summit). Things will look a bit different, but our aim remains the same – to deliver an inspiring learning and networking event for our members, partners and friends from across local government, central government and private sector.

This year’s theme 2050: Embracing the Challenge – Creating the Future. We’ll explore challenges and look at how we can prepare, think differently and respond in order to shape our future.

We look forward to seeing you in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington next year.

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Simpson Grierson